Staffing Smarter: Bending the Cost Curve while Elevating the Clinician Experience

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At the heart of every interaction of care is the human interaction between clinician and patient. We face growing challenges in Hospice to balance staffing needs while being mindful of operational costs. It is more important than ever to take work together in identifying new approaches and strategies to how we meet patient and staffing demands – both in sheer volume and in elevating the experience. Some topics we will uncover:

  • Creating flexible models through on-demand staff approaches
  • Reducing operational costs at the cost per call, interaction level
  • Achieving peace of mind with staffing needs
  • Utilizing technology to augment the human side of care


In the end, "Staffing Smarter" is not just about numbers and data. It's about people - the patients who rely on healthcare professionals for their wellbeing, and the clinicians who devote their lives to caring for others. By putting the emotional needs of these individuals at the forefront of our staffing and management decisions, we can create a healthcare system that truly reflects the compassion and empathy that lies at the heart of healthcare itself.

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